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Full Body Concert: Essie Jain & Patrick Glynn

Full Body Concert featuring Essie Jain & Patrick Glynn

Full Body Concerts help us perceive music in a new way, encouraging listeners to practice taking in vibration through their whole physical form, not just through the eyes and ears. These sound experiences are organized so you have space to lie down, and our team is on site to help you find a comfortable posture, whether it's on your back or in a personalized restorative yoga pose. 

Essie Jain is an English singer-songwriter, born and raised in London, who is now based in New York. She comes from a vibrant family of musicians, artists and healers, plays multiple instruments and is classically trained in voice. She has drawn critical acclaim worldwide for her work as a singer, writer and performer. Essie met her husband, Guitarist Patrick Glynn, in 2003 and they have been playing music and recording together ever since. Essie brings her Voice and the Harmonium to meet Patrick’s Guitar and Pedals. Together they share their beautiful music, creating songs, textures and harmonies that take people on a musical journey that is loving, soothing and transcendent, allowing people to connect deeply with themselves, enhancing both movement and peaceful rest.

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