Love is Juniper


639 Vanderbilt Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11238


Juniper is a plant associated with protection and purification. Traditionally, Juniper was worn or burnt to clear negative energies. Juniper smoke is said to bring clairvoyance and aid a deeper connection to the subtle realms.

Juniper, Brooklyn is a container for bodily practices, spiritual growth and the celebration of beauty. We offer Yoga classes with highly skilled and dedicated yoga teachers. Each teacher is unique in their experience and depth of practice and will guide you into your body, mind and heart.

Our weekly workshops will provide the opportunity to deep dive into wild and wonderful realms. Our teachers bring forth interesting, creative and inspiring opportunities to learn more about yourself, each other and the great wide world we live in. We hope to provide the community with a sanctuary to calm the crazy, to land in your body and be supported in your spiritual development.


Upcoming events at Juniper:

Mantra Soundscape

Saturday, April 6

More info here